Request for nominations of SIGNLL president and secretary 

The terms of SIGNLL president Julia Hockenmaier and secretary Suzanne Stevenson have ended. According to SIGNLL's constitution, a new president and secretary have to be elected to take over. SIGNLL herewith invites you to participate in the elections for the two positions. The first step in these elections is to determine nominees.

The SIGNLL steering committee has nominated Julia Hockenmaier (University of Illinois), who is acting as interim president, for the position as president and Afra Alishahi (University of Tilburg) for the position as secretary. We feel that having some continuity in the officers is worthwhile. The purpose of this message is to invite all SIGNLL members to propose additional nominees for the president or secretary positions.

The deadline for nominee proposals is April 15, 2019. If no new nominees are put forward, Julia and Afra will be declared duly elected, their term starting on June 1, 2019. If there are other nominees for either or both offices, elections will be held starting on May 1. Votes for nominees will be collected until May 15, after which the majority of votes will determine who will be president and secretary from June 1, 2019.

Please bear in mind that the SIGNLL constitution demands that candidates for president and secretary must be members of SIGNLL and ACL.

To nominate a candidate, send an email message to elections@signll.org.
The subject line should make clear that the message concerns a nomination for the SIGNLL 2019 elections.

The body of the message should contain the following lines:

--8<-cut here--------------------------------------------------------

name: <your name>

For the SIGNLL 2019 elections, I nominate

    ....................................  (name)

for the function of

    < > president
    < > secretary

(please tick one, and only one, as <X>)

-- 8<-cut here--------------------------------------------------------